Emergency Funds and Vecino Fund

The NMCF often creates emergency funds to take in donations to provide money quickly to those most in need. New Mexico Community Foundation’s Vecino Fund provides “neighbor helping neighbor” funds in times of crisis, including wildfires. The NMCF does not give directly to individuals, but provides financial assistance to agencies and organizations to purchase needed supplies and services to then assist individuals.

What is it? The NMCF provides emergency funds that are a conduit to receive philanthropic donations to help those most in need. For example, the NMCF set up a fund for Santa Clara Pueblo after the Las Conchas wildfire. In the summer of 2013, the NMCF set up a disaster relief fund due to wildfires around New Mexico. 100% of all donations go to those effected by natural disasters or fires. 

Who Can Apply? Non-profit organizations and government entities. The NMCF does not give funds to individuals. Funds can be applied for immediately after a fire or during a fire. 

Are Matching Funds Required? No. 

When Can I Expect To Receive My Funds? If approved, a few days after the application has been submitted. 

Contact Name: Linda Milbourn

Contact Phone Number: 505-820-6860

Program Website: nmcf.org

Click here to learn more about the Vecino Fund.