NM State Forestry: General Forest Restoration Assistance

New Mexico State Forestry (NMSF) provides general forest restoration assistance to landowners to help secure resources to stabilize and restore their burned properties and watersheds.

What is it? The NM State Forestry Division can assist landowners in working with other governmental organizations to find and secure necessary tools and funding to stabilize and restore their burned properties and watersheds. This can include advisement, planning assistance, and project design to help the applicant find the resources needed to complete restoration and stabilization projects.

Who Can Apply? There are no dedicated funds for this program, but NM State Forestry can offer assistance to both individuals and communities. There is no timeline for application as assistance is available as per the scope of work of the Division (depending on staff resources and availability).

Are Matching Funds Required?: Yes, as NM Forestry has no dedicated funds for assistance.

When Can I Expect To Receive My Funds?: Technical assistance is always available as per scope of work of the Division, but deadlines depend on the program that best fits the applicant's goals and objectives. Timing varies.

Contact Name: Doug Boykin

Contact Phone Number: 575-835-9359 for Doug, or contact the main State Forestry Office in Santa Fe at 505-476-3325

Contact Email: doug.boykin@state.nm.us

Program Website: http://www.emnrd.state.nm.us/SFD/